My Hybrid Approach


Taking a conservative approach to investing, I focus on developing tax-free and taxable laddered bond portfolios designed to provide a steady stream of income while mitigating additional costs.  I then position growth assets in fee-based, mutual fund asset allocation programs along with Blue Chip common stocks where appropriate.

Implementing a hybrid approach

From a client's perspective, it doesn't make any sense to pay management fees to watch high quality bonds mature. That's why I recommend that my clients consider a transactional structure to this portion of their portfolio.

Growth investing is another matter, however.  Here, I recommend employing a fee-based, actively managed portfolio approach, as it aligns my clients' advisory account performance with the compensation I receive for providing ongoing guidance.  

By combining low-cost fixed income investments within a fee-based, growth portfolio, I strive to create the most transparent and flexible relationship possible.


When investing in bonds, it is important to note that as interest rates rise, bond prices will fall.Bonds may be subject to state and alternative minimum taxes, and capital gains tax may applyNeither asset allocation nor a laddering strategy ensure a profit or protect against loss.The investment return and principal value of funds will fluctuate, and an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.